Best Luxury Picnic Baskets

Best Luxury Picnic Baskets 2020

With our handpicked luxury wicker picnic baskets you can head out on an adventure knowing you will be dining in style and comfort.  Each basket is of the highest quality manufacture, and filled with quality dining wear, cutlery and accoutrements.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best luxury picnic basket is, then I recommend the HappyPicnic 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket with Double Lids as the best one

If you are a picnic aficionado then these five best luxury picnic baskets are hand picked just for you.  I have lovingly tested each one to bring you the finest in quality picnicking with this selection.  

When I talk about our baskets being wicker baskets, they are not actually woven of wicker.  The term ‘wicker’ actually is used to describe the basket created.  Wicker work is an ancient hand weaving technique used to create the baskets.  Wicker baskets are created from a variety of plants including willow, palm, reed and bamboo.  Unless stated all my featured wicker baskets are made from Willow.

This is a truly stunning & high quality hamper that is sure to serve you year after year.

This fitted picnic hamper basket contains everything you need for a wonderful picnic for 6 people .  Goodies include a soft & fluffy polar fleece blanket, stainless steel cutlery, china teacups, porcelain plates and some crisp cotton napkins. There’s a flask for your tea or coffee and a cooler bag to ensure your sandwiches arrive in perfect condition, plus there’s even a corkscrew for that essential bottle of wine!

The 24″ Regency Hamper Luxury Six Person Picnic Basket is made from a robust set of full buff willow and has been finished with a real dark leather handle & straps to help ensure that the content is held firmly in place.  For the price this is Picnic Hamper is amazing value for money.



What’s in the 24″ Recency Hamper for 6 Persons:

1Insulating Duffel Bag for Wine
6Stainless Steel, Knives, Forks & Spoons
1Deluxe Polar Fleece Picnic Blanket (Cream)
1Salt & Pepper Shakers
1Stainless Steel Retractable Corkscrew & Bottle Opener
67″ Fine Porcelain Plates
6China Teacups in Own Basket
1Deluxe Cooler Compartment with Zip (Large)
6Wine Glasses in Own Basket
1Stainless Steel Thermal Flask (Large)


Basket Dimensions: 620mm x 400mm x 290mm

Packed Weight (Approx): 10kg

Take your picnic to the next level with your own integrated table and wine glass holder!

This wicker basket set is the perfect choice for a romantic picnic or outside party.  With its clever integrated table to hold your wine glasses and serve food on its also great on a road trip, sailing, self-driving tour/ travel and campfire.  We recommend this for a smart gift for anniversary, holiday, festival, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Saint Valentine’s Day and birthday.

HappyPicnic also guarantees 100% satisfaction – with same price as competitors, They claim we have better quality; with same quality as competitors, we have better price!  So if you want to check out the price against others do so here.



What’s in the Happy Picnic Basket 4 Person With Bamboo Table:

4 x Stainless steel tableware service set with wooden handle;
4 x Ceramic 7″ dinner plates
4 x Real glass looking plastic wine glasses
1 x All-in-one bottle opener with wooden handle
1 x Removable bamboo wine table
1 x Separated tableware storage bag.
1 x Picnic blanket with size 150cm x 130cm

Basket Dimensions: 44.5cm x 27cm x 23cm 

Picnic blanket Dimensions: 150cm x 130cm 

Vintage chic at its best with this double opening picnic hamper

The HappyPicnic Huntsman Willow Picnic Basket is a lovely, vintage-look hamper for up to four people.  Personally this is one of the cutest baskets we own, I bought it for the old fashioned double lid opening.  It’s a great design – bang on trend with vintage and shabby-chic elements but still traditional enough to stay in style!  

The fixed-handle, double lid version comes in three colours choices (Review model is natural wicker with navy & cream striped accessories). This Willow Picnic Basket has some great features, like a built-in insulated cool bag section & cheese board making it more luxury too.

The basket, with dark brown PU buckle fastenings, comes pre-filled with a selection of quality picnic items. And the amazing price it makes the picnic basket a great choice for those new to picnicking!



WHAT IS IN THE HappyPicnic ‘Huntsman’ Willow Picnic Hamper for 4 Persons:

4 x fork, knife & spoon sets in stainless steel in handy roll out for storage
4×7″ porcelain plates 
4 x REAL wine glasses!
1 x corkscrew
1 x Salt and Pepper shakers
1 x  6×6″ cheeseboard
4 x cotton napkins
1 x Picnic Blanket – 47″ x 57″ 
1 x Large Built In Insulated cool Bag

Basket Dimensions: 48cm x 32cm x 42cm 

Picnic in style with this luxury fitted hamper for up to two people

This picnic hamper has been lovingly crafted from the finest full buff willow, making it robust, yet lightweight. Chestnut brown leather accents and polished gold coloured metal hardware are the perfect finishing touches to this classic hamper.

The main compartment has a hinged lid, allowing for easy access to food and the fitted accessories. The lid is secured to the hamper with leather hinges and gold chains to prop the lid open. The lid is fastened with leather straps and buckles. The leather handle feels comfortable and sturdy to carry.

The blue and white striped interior of the hamper is inspired by traditional French ticking stripe fabric. Most of the accessories are secured with leather straps, gold rivets and buckles. The china cups are secured in a removable willow basket with elasticated straps which are attached to the hamper. The food storage container and insulated cool bag fit comfortably inside the main compartment.

This Sandbanks Willow Picnic Hamper for Two People is the perfect accompaniment for an idyllic day spent with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors.



WHAT IS IN THE Greenfield Collection Sandbanks Willow Picnic Hamper for Two People:

2 x China Mugs
1 x Plastic and and Stainless Steel Waiter’s Friend
2 x China Plates
2 x Sets of Stainless Steel Cutlery (2 x Forks, 2 x Knives, 2 x Tea Spoons)
1 x Plastic Salt Shaker
1 x Plastic Pepper Shaker
1 x Plastic Food Storage Container
1 x Insulated Cool Bag

Basket Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 20cm High

Perfect gift for any picnic lovers 

The Harpenden Wicker Picnic Hamper For Two People is a beautiful gift to give to anyone celebrating a special occasion.  It’s my go to wedding and ‘big birthday’ present idea as i know everyone who gets one is charmed by the contents and quality.

Its got everything you would need to a romantic picnic, with great quality cutlery and plates (which most don’t have).  It comes in a lovely summer cream colour (very Henley regatta or Polo i think).  There are some nice additions to the basket like metal drinking cups, glass wine glasses and a stainless steel flask with duffle that’s great for wine.

Compared to other 2 person Picnic Baskets and Backpacks its a great price for a luxury model.  You can check prices here.



WHAT IS IN THE Deluxe Harpenden Two Person Wicker Picnic Hamper Basket:

2 x Porcelain Plates Cutlery Selection 
1 x Waiter Style Bottle Opener Chiller Bag 
2 x Wine Glasses 
2 x Stainless Steel Mugs in a wicker holder basket 
2 x Napkins 
1 x Large Waterproof Picnic Sheet 
1 x Stainless Steel Flask in a holder 
Bottle or Blanket Holder on the side of the hamper

Basket Dimensions: 38cm x 28cm x 21cm

More spacious than traditional picnic baskets. Fixed handle keeps everything in place better!

The Happy Picnic 4 Person Wicker Hamper with Double Lids and Fixed Handles is just one of the most beautiful hampers for picnics.  Its made from natural buff willow with eco friendly varnish making it strong, sturdy and long lasting.

High quality PU straps and 100% cotton liner keep everything safe inside the basket whilst you travel.  I dont think this has as much cutlery or picnic extras as other hampers but that leaves more space for food and wine!

There is no coolers compartment with this basket so you would either need an electric cooler box or a cool bag rucksack as well.

All the tableware are reusable, food-safe and dish-wash safe.

You can check prices here.



WHAT IS IN THE Deluxe Harpenden Two Person Wicker Picnic Hamper Basket:

4 x stainless steel knives

4 x stainless steel forks

4 x stainless steel spoons

4 x 7″ ceramic plates

4 x wine glasses (glass)

1 x stainless steel waiter’s corkscrew with plastic handle

1 x stainless steel salt & pepper shakers

4 x napkin 

Basket Dimensions: 46cm x 30cm x 42cm

Things To Consider When Buying A Luxury Picnic Basket

You’ll find the word luxury when used for picnic hampers spans a  wide range of choice and quality.  From something you could be proud to use at the polo match to party hampers to beach picnic sets. Prices vary too from under

The more expensive baskets can cost £200 plus and feature metal cuttelrey, china plates and are made of high quality sustainable willow creating a superior construction. These high end picnic hampers are for the serious outdoor eaters for whom home from home comforts count.

For the average girl, like me or the family man or woman we are looking for luxury at a  reasonable price (£60 upwards). No matter how much you spend on your picnicware you’ll want to check out our reviews to make sure you get the best luxury picnic basket for your budget.  Things I always look at when buying any picnic stuff includes:

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Assembly
  • Cost

While you’re thinking about all that, also give some thought to how and where you’ll use it. The best picnic set in the world is a waste of money if it doesn’t keep the food warm and the wine chilled or is impossible to carry.

Believe me. I’ve squandered my share of cash on unwise purchases. Let’s talk about what matters and how it will influence what you end up buying.

When I am testing luxury picnic hamper sets I test the same xxx things.  I want to make sure the luxury baskets I recommended are of the highest quality and value.  So its important that they are:

Sturdy & well crafted

When spending so much on a picnic hamper you want quality and sturdiness for sure.  It’s important to make sure the strapping and locks, zippers and even the willow its crafted from are of the best quality.   It mustn’t look or feel cheap in anyway!

Easy to transport & carry

When you are buying a luxury hamper you still want something that’s easy to carry and set up.  The luxury of the basket should be based on the quality and amount of accessories in the basket.  However the luxury of the basket can also be in its small size and easy portability because it uses space cleverly.

Accessories & equipment

As i said above for me one of the biggest part of a luxury basket is the quality of the plates, cutlery and accessories.  I am looking for those extras that money really can buy with these hampers – wine glasses, quality coolers, picnic blankets, napkins and more. It’s also about the materials used.

Price = value for money

Luxury hampers we test range from 80-220 (however on this site we are staying to the lower end for our reviews).  When paying this much for a hamper I expect it at least ‘feel’ like i got value for money. However really i am looking to be wowed by those extra details, maybe hand wrapping the basket, faster delivery etc. 

Is it a luxury basket for picnics I need?

Luxury picnic baskets are designed for using for a day out at the races, leisurely drive out and dine or perhaps on a family beach trip.  Its never suited to a long walk or hike so if you want a little luxury and a walk then I suggest you look at our Luxury Picnic Backpacks instead.

Not all of these things may be your priority when buying a luxury picnic set so be sure to know what is important to you when reading our reviews.   I have known families to have their luxury baskets for many many years, so long in fact its like part of the family.  So make sure your newest family member is perfect for youI


Choosing a luxury Picnic Basket, whether for a gift or personal use, can be a time consuming task.  You need to be sure the money you are paying buys quality, both of the basket and the contents, functionality and it is big enough to serve you for many years.  

For those reasons our best buy from all five luxury picnic hampers we reviewed was the
HappyPicnic ‘Huntsman’ Willow Picnic Hamper for 4 Persons

We choose it for several reasons:

  • The basket is made from the strongest buff willow so it will last
  • There are three choices of basket colour (often offers on them too!)
  • It offers excellent value for money with the additional contents:- Cheese board, Real glass for wine, china cups & plates (that extra touch of luxury)
  • Its beautiful to look at with its old fashioned double open lid
  • Excellent storage space in basket and inside the insulated cool box
  • Its a 4 person set so will expand as family grows or for guests

I really hope you enjoyed the review and if you have tried any of these baskets please share your feedback with us in our comments section.  This site is all about offering people the best help finding the perfect picnic equipment and for me tha comes from honest reviews.  If your favourite Picnic Basket hasnt been reviewed please suggest in the comments below so we can try it out.