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Best Products for an autumn picnic

Best Products For Autumn Picnics!

Get your Picnic on big time in Autumn with our quick guide to best products for Autumn Picnics… Summer is over!  Autumn, with its cooler days and darker nights is upon us.   Are you planning on hibernating for the next eight months till the temperatures get over 20 deg again?

Prevent Backpack Back Pain
Picnic Backpacks

Prevent Backpack Back Pain

Want to prevent backpack from back pain then get a rucksack with a proper hip belt. A hip belt transfers up to 80-90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. For a 22 lb travel or picnic backpack, that means 17.6 lbs is magically lifted from your

HappyPicnic Insulated Picnic Backpack

HappyPicnic Insulated Picnic Backpack (Four Person) Looking for a Picnic Backpack that’s durable, full of useful features, and looks good? The HappyPicnic Insulated Picnic Backpack for Four Persons might just be the one for you. It comes in a unisex-friendly khaki-grey shade with a trendy tan faux-leather trim. This backpack