Picnic Baskets & Hampers

picnic baskets and hampers

The right picnic basket can make the whole picnic experience so much nicer (and easier!).

There’s so much choice when it comes to picnic baskets and food hampers. – and a lot of it depends on your circumstances, and on personal choice of course!

For example, if you’re a couple, and you enjoy picnicking to spend quality, distraction free time together, then a two person basket will probably fir the bill. If you have a family you’re obviously going to want something a little bigger!

Modern baskets and coolers have the advantage of being easy to clean, and normally being collapsible for easy storage. They’re the type of baskets you normally associate with having modern functions like insulated linings and the ability to keep food cool and fresh (or retain heat, depending on your needs!).

However many traditional-style baskets also now incorporate these features, such as the HappyPicnic Huntsman basket which has vintage-chic style along with modern insulating features.

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