Best Festival Trolley – Great for Picnics & Camping

Homfa Garden Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon Folding Trolley Camping Trolley on wheels Heavy Duty Wagon Hand Cart Festival Trolley Outdoor 80Kg (Red)

I first came across the festival trolley in the USA on a visit to friends and they are a total revelation and game changer.  I think these are so handy for picnics, camping and festivals that we have invested in one – we even used it at our wedding!   

When I first saw friends use it we had parked miles from the beach with them (well miles in my head) and I was cursing the idea of carrying everything there.  They weren’t bothered and with good reason they opened the boot (trunk as they say), unfolded the truck, loaded up in seconds and put the baby in it and off we went. 

I love how they fold up to nothing and can be dragged fully loaded over the roughest terrain, even sand with relative ease.  Best of all the kids LOVE riding in them so if we are eating of a beaten track i load them in and we play a game of horsey and cart!

They are amazing at festivals as well as we all know the parking and the campsite are always a world apart and trudging everything through mud isn’t fun.  With this load it up and away you go! we have even been known to tie several together like a wagon train.  (and they can transport a human back to tent if you have too much fun as well!)

So let’s cut to the chase and give you my best festival trolleys for your delectation (and to buy).


Rocket ship decorated festival trolley for kids

I recommend these Festival Trolleys as the UK’s best folding trolleys based on their:

  • Design – Foldable/ Wheels/ Multiple Handles/ Brakes
  • Build Quality – Cheap doesn’t always mean rubbish
  • Weight Capacity – All our trolleys carry 60 plus kg up to around 100kg
  • Durability – Buy a trolley made from the right fabric, metal etc 
  • Cost – Is it value for money?

Best Festival Trolley

These are 2020´s best folding festival trolley.   These trucks are on the large side so you are going to want one that folds right down, easily, not one that could take your fingers off (or those of inquisitive little people).  

For festival goers you have a choice of a small upright trolley (benefits are cost and size when folded but they do drag through the mud and dont hold as much!).  Personally i say get something heavy wearing and you can load it with up to 100KGs of beer, tents and camp gear.

Best Beach Wagon With Sand Wheels

These are 2020´s best folding beach trolleys – when choosing a beach trolley look for wide wheels to get through the sand easily.  You also want a lightweight aluminium frame and open cover to turn the sand out after use.

Best Camping Wagon & Camping Trolley

These are 2020´s best camping wagon choices.  These are all foldall heavy duty trolleys, ready to be loaded up with tents, camping kitchen equipment and even the little people!  

Once we set up camp the kids love nothing more than finding a hill and rolling themselves down in camping trolley!

Best Garden Trolley (yes they work on beach/festivals etc too)

These are 2020´s best garden trolleys.  Now you might think has Claire gone mad posting garden trolleys on her picnic site…no I haven’t.  My mum loves hers and drags it on picnic trips out with the dog to the beach.  

Ok we could say she has no shame but you know what her trolley is very hard wearing, takes the lumps and bumps with ease and easy easy to clean!  All these features are because its made for a garden wagon but it’s also perfect folding trolley for festivals, camping and picnics!

Best Folding Wagons with Canopy

These are 2020´s best folding trolleys with canopy roofs – perfect for transporting the little people about parks, beaches and at festivals etc.  My two just love jumping in the truck and being dragged around the market or shops too. 

If you are looking to transport children in these look for foldings trolleys with high sides, a double handle front and back thats adjustable helps heaps with steering as well.  Also bear in mind more you spend at this level the better quality you get – trust me i have tried to skimp and had to buy twice!

Have you used any of these folding festival trolleys? Then please leave your review in the comments box below. Is your favourite festival wagon is not on the list? Be sure to let me know in the comments below so I can review it.

Buyers guide to the best festival trolley, beach wagon and garden trolleys.


  • Design
  • Build quality
  • Weight capacity
  • Durability 
  • Cost


The key components of any festival trolley, garden wagons, camping trolley or a beach trolley, is they must be easy to transport, strong for the hard grounds it will cover and have a deep basket to fit stuff in.  

You also want to consider if it has any added extras like many of more high quality trolleys. These include multiple handles, individual brakes,  storage pockets and canopys.

These trolleys are large when made up so need to be fully foldable to be easily transported.  I make sure each one we recommend is simple to fold and the materials mean it can be unfolded over and over without buckling.

The strength of these folding trolleys is in part down to choosing the right one for the job.  If its a beach trolley it needs big wheels for the sand.   Whereas a garden trolley should havea. strong metal basket and large rubber wheels for dealing with mud, and a tipper function always helps.  

Festival trolleys need to fit the purpose – will you be ok with a small upright folding trolley or is this for Glastonbury and needs a heavy duty festival trolley? If your using it for the kids and everyday use then choose a folding trolley with a canopy, extra storage, brakes and the dual handle function for ease!

So in short the best way to pick the right folding trolley is be clear what the wagons use is for and choose the design you need.

Build quality

Build quality can as vary dramatically as the prices, and its not always the most expensive that offer the best quality.  

When considering build quality you want to look at the metal used in the construction and the fabric or materials used to create the basket/carrier.  Make sure the wheels, bearings and brakes are strong enough for the weight capacity manufacturers claim as well.

Metals wise you want strong and yet lightweight if its a portable festival trolley or beach trolley – so look for an aluminium frame they weight around 10kg empty.  You can also buy folding wagons made with steel and even iron, check the reviews and weight of each and buy what fits your needs.

If your buying a garden trolley then you can look at the solid steel framed ones with big rubber tyres that weight over 25kg unpacked.

These inner baskets get messy very quickly and can stink if left uncleaned after a trip out so you want to make sure the inner of the folding trolley’s made from washable and waterproof fabric.  You also want it to come with an ease removable inner and be rip resistant so the trolley is hardwearing.

Many of these folding wagons, especially the garden trolleys claim to carry extraordinary weights of upto 600kg!  However when tested the wheels literally fall off the wagons!  So make sure the wheels are good quality and fit for the purpose of the truck.  

As I have said earlier you want big thick, rubber covered wheels for an beach trolley.  Garden trolleys and camping trucks where your likely out in the mud should have bigger rubber wheels, like a wheelbarrow.  Avoid buying any festival trolley or wagon with hard plastic wheels that look flimsy…buy cheap buy twice is what I have found!

Finally if you are buying a foldable trolley for kids with a canopy make sure its sun proof, factor 50 material.  No point have a canopy if it offers no protection or real shade.

Weight capacity

Buying a festival trolley that can hold 200kg for your beer run sounds like an awesome idea but take it from me what’s claimed verses reality can differ dramatically.  Ending up a mile from you Glastonbury tent with a broken truck full of 200 beers isn’t fun at all!

My best advice is if it says it carries 200kg knock that down by a quarter…why you ask? Well look at it this way at the Glastonbury festival  trolley we took was a garden trolley with a 200kg capacity.  It was meant to take 200kgs of mud a short distance in a garden, not carry over 200 beers and a tent 2 miles from the carpark. So if your not going to use it according to the packet reduce the weight capacity!

Same if your going to add in children as well…make sure to pick a trolly designed for carrying little people like the WOLTU Beach & Festival Camping TrolleyThe simplest way to work this out is all good quality kids folding trolleys have canopies.



Durability comes right back to what I said from the start of this review and best of festival trolleys guide.  You need to buy the right trolley or wagon for the use you have in mind.

As i found to my cost with my festival trolley at Glastonbury, you cant buy a garden trolley and hope its going to cover long distances full of beer.  So look for the right trolley for the job or distances you want to cover.  Ask yourself these questions when buying any festival trolley, foldable camping trolley or beach wagon etc:

  • What weight do I need it to carry?
  • What terrain is it being used for?
  • What distance do i need it to cover in any given journey?
  • What/who am i going to carry in it?
  • Do i need dual handles, locking steering, canopy or any other added extras?

Then buy the folding truck or festival wagon accordingly.  If you buy the right high quality torlley for the job you will have years of great use.


I honestly think you get what you pay for in these trucks, however you need to be totally clear what or where you are using the folding trolley to make sure you spend your money wisely.

We bought a really high quality, steel based GArden truck and broke it on the first big use because it wasn’t designed to carry 200kg over 2 miles.  We could have spent our money better buying two heavy duty festival trolleys for a half load each!

So if you want to buy the best value for money consider the use carefully and buy accordingly.  And once you choose a few models read the reviews to be sure you got value for money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where can I buy a Festival Trolley ?

Need to know where to buy best festival trolleys and foldable festival wagons go through this link.  

Where can I buy a heavy duty Garden trolley?

Want to know where to buy best heavy duty garden trolleys and foldable gardeners wagons go through this link and save time! 

Where can I buy the best beach trolley?

Want to know where to buy best Beach trolleys and foldable beach wagons go through this link and save time! 

How do I decorate my Festival Trolley?

how to decorate a festival trolleyAll you need to do to learn how to decorate your festival trolley is hit up google.  There are heaps of amazing ideas, just look at this incredible design above we found from

Decorating your festival trolley seems to mainly be about creating a fun, safe space for your kids to hang out as you enjoy the festivals.  I have to say we have tried to enjoy festivals without the truck (moany, whiney kids) and with our tented party bus as Emily calls it (happy, excited kids).  So let’s look at some more decoration ideas for your festival wagon.

safari jeep festival trolley - decoration ideas for your festival trolley

We all know festivals get wild so how about making a safari jeep (source: A few pieces of cardboard and several hours hard graft can see you bring your kids dreams to life and rock the festival circuit in style.


Rocket ship decorated festival trolley for kids

The stars really are the limit with your festival wagon decor however there are some basic essentials no self respecting festival wagon will be without: 

Seating: think comfy cushions or pillows, covers and side curtains (shade and privacy)….this Chariot of fun will be a play den, chill out zone and bed during the long, fun packed festival days.  We used some giant ikea cushions on the bottom (Emily says its her cloud bed!) and then old sleeping bag to cover.

Side curtains were an old shower curtain cut up and hung…can be slid back and is rain proof!

Raincover: Ok we all only want a sunny festival but we know the great british whether sucks so waterproof festival trolley is essential.  We had a canopy on our model (we pimped the Vevor folding festival trolley) So we then covered it in the same shower curtain we used for side, overlapping it and cutting scalloped edges for cuteness!

Drink Holder/ Cool Box:  We are all about hydration and healthy snacks at festivals and having an onboard cool box for drinks and snacks is great. Both my kids think they are the bosses of food so we get rows but also saves the ‘mummmmmmm can i have’ every five moments as they are able to self serve!

We love the Campingaz MiniMaxi Coolbox…super cute! We do also use the very cool and detachable Kinderwagon Cooler Bag Set

Extra bag:  You want to keep things handy like loo roll, hand sanitizer, facemasks and ear defenders etc so a extra attachable bag is handy.  We got a picnic backpack one and fashioned attachments (so kids have plates etc too)

THE DECORATION IDEAS:  Think flowers, think hippy fun and think fairies and sparkles and lights is our brief every year.  We dont want leaky batteries on our festival trolley so we use fairy solar lights like these everytime.

Other great ideas for pimping your folding festival wagon include bubble machine, kite on stick, bunting and windmills! ( are brilliant for more ideas)