BBQ, Electric and Outdoor Cooking

BBQs and outdoor cooking

Sometimes you want to have a bit of a heartier outdoor meal. This is where BBQ and outdoor cooking equipment comes in – is there anything more appetising than the smell of fresh food sizzling away on the BBQ?!

There are a lot of options in this area, if the image you have in your head is still of the cheap, disposable BBQs you used to pick up in the supermarket in the summer then think again! There are a great selection of high-quality, portable BBQs and grills on offer with a range of fuel options.

The same goes for outdoor stoves – you can choose from anything from the traditional ‘camping’ stove to full sized hotplates. There’s something to meed everyone’s needs. The smallest of these can be packed away in your picnic basket, and others fit neatly into the boot of a car, or have their own storage and carry bag.

Need some inspo for what to serve? Check out our range of picnic food ideas, and also our reviews of electric coolers – the ideal companion for keeping your food perfectly fresh until you’re ready to cook it.

There are also some wonderful electrical gadgets out there – from electric cool boxes, to cool boxes for the car and heating lunch-boxes that run off of your car battery!

Or are you in the market for an investment – a family-sized BBQ for outdoor eating at home? I’ve got you covered with some best-sellers, including from my personal favourite brand Weber!

Take a look at some of my favourite items below…

Portable BBQs

Camp Stoves

Weber BBQs

Charcoal BBQs and 'Smokers'


Electric and Car Coolboxes