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Right now it’s the height of Summer, and boy what a wonderful summer we’re having! Our best sellers at lifeisapicnic.co.uk at the moment are all cool bag picnic sets and cooler rucksacks.  

If you are looking for cooler boxes for your picnics take a look at our review of Electric Cool Boxes here.  Personally, I also love Picnic Hampers because they really add to the feel of actually dining out.  Look for Picnic Baskets with cool bags included as they really offer lots of storage – super handy!

Whilst the festival might be on hold this year you can still get your festival trolley and use it for beach trips in 2020.  Click here and go to our review of the best in festival, garden, beach and camping trolleys for 2020!

how to decorate a festival trolley

If you’re a big fan of eating outdoors or just a lover of the occasional beach picnic then you’re in the right place! 


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