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Christmas Gift Picnicware Ideas

Prefect Christmas picnic idea

Christmas is coming and a gift of a luxury picnic basket, new thermos flask or even an electric cool box for warmer days is a welcome present.

To help you give the perfect gifts for all picnic lovers I have complied a full gift guide for picnic lovers, hikers & walkers.  In it are some great suggestions including the very popular, and hip Hydro Flasks, Head lamps and picnic sets.

Your gift could be the inspiration for a family or friends to make the most of our new freedoms in post covid 2021.  A new Beach Tent, Festival Trolley or new picnic bench could really be a treat and unexpected gift win this christmas 2020.

So here are our top ten Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas for Picnic Lovers.


If you are looking for cooler boxes for your picnics take a look at our review of Electric Cool Boxes here.  Personally, I also love Picnic Hampers because they really add to the feel of actually dining out.  Look for Picnic Baskets with cool bags included as they really offer lots of storage – super handy!.

Whilst the festival might be on hold this year you can still get your festival trolley and use it for beach picnic trips in 2020.  

Read our full expert reviews on the best in festival trolleys as well as the top garden, beach and camping trolleys for 2020 right here.  Each product here and been rigorously tried and tested so you can buy with confidence.

how to decorate a festival trolley
Gifts for hikers & walkers

Want to give the Hiker or Walker in your life a gift they will love and actually use? Are you shopping on a budget or not really sure what gifts for hikers are any good?

Worry not whatever your reason for being on this page – I got you covered with my Best Gift Guide for Hikers & Walkers

Each our the 10 gifts for walkers & hikers I recommend have been rigorously tried and tested so you can buy with confidence.

My website is your one stop shop for all the best tried and tested Picnic products.  


Have a look around, check out the Life is A Picnic Blog and our ‘Best Of’ review sections, and enjoy!


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Best Products for an autumn picnic

Summer is over!  Autumn, with its cooler days and darker nights is upon us.  


Are you planning on hibernating for the next eight months till the temperatures get over 20 deg again? Should we close up the picnic hampers and store our bbqs?  

I sure hope you are yelling NO WAY to this idea!  

And you would be right there – I happen to love hitting the trials and enjoying Autumn Picnics as often as possible.  As a family we will also go on our annual blackberry picking Picnic and fill our Picnic Hamper full of warm sausage rolls and cheese pie!  What are your favourite Autumnal Picnic foods?

Whilst we all love our traditional Picnic Hampers, I have to be honest and say we see far more Picnic Backpacks and Cool bag Backpacks being bought from around September till Late November.  Oh and lets not forget that waterproof backed travel rugs and blankets are totally a MUST for the comfort!

Our Picnic Fans are also adding in Thermos Flasks and Vacuum Sealed Food Storage to take hot food and soup with them.  I also see a lot of new picnic sets being sold…perhaps that’s with people wanting to freshen up their picnic baskets after summer.

To help you make the most of the beautiful Great British and Irish countryside this Autumn her are the current top five sellers for Picnic gurus who want to dine out in style (and comfort).